Jet Power Event 2019

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Also this year you will find us at the Jet Power Event in Donauwörth-Genderkingen – Germany, 13.-15. September.

It’s going to be a great opportunity to meet us again, see our new H16BL2 engine and also buy it with a great discount of 10%. Number of engines for Jet Power Event will be limited so do not miss this opportunity!

Looking forward to meet you there, yours Hybl Turbines Team.

You find us here: exhibition area map

New version H16BL2

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We are happy to introduce you our new upgraded version of our engine – H16BL2. Key difference between H16BL and H16 is the new machined compressor wheel, designed in house. For our customers this means 1kg more thrust and increased life of the impeller wheel which is made by 5 axis milling from high strenght aluminium alloy. And the best thing is that we were able to keep the price at the same level as for the H16BL engine! Hope you will enjoy the new 18kg thrust.

New improved aerodynamics impeller

Engine Deck now available

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We prepared for you a simple to use Engine Deck. Using this program you can calculate engine trhust under different ambient condition. It may also be used for engines of different brands. Go to Downloads section to get the program.

High “EGT” explanation

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We have been asked couple times why the H16 engine has so high Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT).

The explanation is very simple and was also described in the H16 engine review in RC Jet International April/May 2015 issue.

The H16 engine unlike others has temperature probe positioned infront of the turbine, thus measures approx 150°C (at full power) higher temperature than if placed behind the turbine due to temperature drop in the turbine stage. Typicaly the H16 max EGT is around 680°C and is precisely measured during each engine release test using 4 circumferentialy displaced external probes. Based on this measurement the engine temperature limit is calculated and set in the Engine Control Unit.

To wrap it up, there are no user drawbacks of this approach and it is fully equal to EGT measurement.

Long run test – 60hours and 780 starts logged

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Big milestone has been achieved. Our H16 engine dedicated for accelerated cycling test has logged 60 hours and allmost 800 starts in our ground test cell. (allmost 1000 litres of JetA1 🙂 )

Engine is tortured by computer controlled short time intensive test runs to prove low cycle fatigue life and also by stair step tests to prove high cycle fatigue life.

The engine is still in perfect condition and we continue… 🙂

We are preparing now a diesel fuel test on the same engine.

Equivalent cycling test short sample
Equivalent cycling test short sample
Test cell