H16 Professional version – COMING SOON (spring 2023)

H16PRO is dedicated for professional applications and modelers who prefer reliability and long operational life.
Motor003b-resized H16 3Dmodel
Expected price  € 2900,-  excl. 21%VAT

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>                                          H16PRO parameters at 1013hPa and 15°C
Max. thrust @ 122 000 RPM 18 kg
Idle thrust @ 36 000RPM ~0,7 kg
Turbine Inlet Temperature @ 122k  ~ 900°C  (parameter measured by the ECU)
Exhaust Gas Temperature @ 122k ~ 680°C  (parameter not measured by the ECU)
Fuel consumption @ max trust ~ 500 g/min
Specific fuel consumption ~ 0,0460 g/N/s
Engine weight 1610 g
Diameter 111 mm
Total lenght (including starter) 273 mm
Fuel Jet A1 + 4-6% Mobile DTE Oil Light, Mogul TB 32 EP, MIL-L-23699
Power accu LiPo 3s
Fuel pump HP-Tech (Häusl) Brushless
Service interval (at manufacturer) 50h
Warranty 2 years

Package content

H16 engine package H16 engine packing
  • Engine H16PRO
  • ECU
  • Brushless Fuel pump HP-Tech
  • Engine mounts + stainless steel screews and washers
  • FOD protecting screen + mounting o-rings
  • Fuel pump mount
  • All necessary electronic cables
  • User manual, Test protocol

New features compared to H16BL2:

  • Newly developped ECU with CAN Bus communication capability (for professional applications).
  • Brushless starter motor
  • Double 30W ignition system. Ignitors are relatively easy replaceable without need of full engine disassembly.

Standard features derived from H16BL2 engine:

  • Engine H16PRO is derived from the H16 engine which is known for very low fuel consumption, high robustness and reliability.
  • Renowned brushless HP Tech GmbH (Häusl) pump
  • Easy operation on both JET A1 and Diesel Fuel without need to adjust anything in ECU.
  • Possibility to use cheap and environmentaly friendly mineral turbine oil Mogul TB32EP
  • Integral kevlar containment for improved safety. (allways follow recommended safety instructions described in the H16 User manual)
  • High efficiency and durable turbine wheel out of Inconel 713LC. Part is 100% X-ray and FPI inspected.
  • High durable NGV out of Inconel 713LC. No NGV cracking issues as with commonly used Stainless Steel NGVs.
  • Internal EGT probe
  • Rotatable all metal fuel inlet for easy installation
Inlet detail
Connectors detail
Kevlar containment
Kevlar containment
Electrical connection
Electrical connection
Brushless fuel pump with mount
Brushless fuel pump with mount
Turbine blisk
Turbine blisk
New improved aerodynamics impeller
New improved aerodynamics impeller