Dedicated to professional applications (UAVs, etc.) and modelers who prefer reliability and a long operational life.
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>                                          H20PRO parameters at 1013hPa and 15°C
Max. thrust  200N (higher trust is possible for short-term applications)
Idle thrust ~0,7 kg
Exhaust Gas Temperature @ max thrust ~ 680°C
Fuel consumption @ max trust ~ 540 g/min
Specific fuel consumption ~ 0,0450 g/N/s
Engine weight 1650 g
Diameter 111 mm
Total lenght (including starter) 273 mm
Fuel Diesel or Jet A1 + 4-6% Mogul TB 32 EP, MIL-L-23699
Power accu LiPo 3s
Fuel pump Brushless
Service interval 50h
Warranty 2 years


Package content

  • Engine H20PRO
  • Engine Interface Unit (EIU)
  • Display unit
  • Brushless Fuel pump with integrated controller and with mount
  • Engine mounts + stainless steel screews
  • FOD protecting screen
  • All necessary electronic cables

New features compared to H16BL2:

  • Redesigned flow path
  • A newly developed ECU with CAN-bus communication capability and temperature and pressure corrections.
  • Brushless starter motor
  • Double 30W ignition system. Ignitors are serviceable without the need for full engine disassembly.
  • Fast start-up, less than 35 seconds to idle.

Standard features derived from H16BL2 engine:

  • Engine H20PRO is derived from the H16 engine, which is known for very low fuel consumption, high robustness, and reliability.
  • Reliable brushless pump HP Tech GmbH
  • Easy operation on both JET A1 and diesel fuel without needing to adjust anything in the ECU.
  • Possibility to use cheap and environmentally friendly mineral turbine oil, Mogul TB32EP
  • High-durability NGV out of Inconel 713LC. No NGV cracking issues as with commonly used stainless steel NGVs.
  • Internal EGT probe
  • Rotatable all-metal fuel inlet for easy installation