High “EGT” explanation

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We have been asked couple times why the H16 engine has so high Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT).

The explanation is very simple and was also described in the H16 engine review in RC Jet International April/May 2015 issue.

The H16 engine unlike others has temperature probe positioned infront of the turbine, thus measures approx 150°C (at full power) higher temperature than if placed behind the turbine due to temperature drop in the turbine stage. Typicaly the H16 max EGT is around 680°C and is precisely measured during each engine release test using 4 circumferentialy displaced external probes. Based on this measurement the engine temperature limit is calculated and set in the Engine Control Unit.

To wrap it up, there are no user drawbacks of this approach and it is fully equal to EGT measurement.