Authorised service for H16/H20 engines is currently provided only by Hybl Turbines s.r.o.

We are aware of how the good and fast service is important to our Customers. Thus we resolve all engine issues with the highest priority.

Standard service procedure:

  1. Engine external inspection + documentation check. Customer contacted if necessary
  2. Engine disassembly, cleaning and thorough inspection
  3. Engine owner is informed about engine condition, required repairs and cost. Proforma invoice sent to the owner.
  4. Owner’s approval is needed to proceed further on*
  5. Exchange/repair of worn/damaged parts
  6. Engine assembly
  7. Engine balancing
  8. Test run and ECU calibration
  9. Engine returned to the owner**

*In case of stopping at this point, the engine will be returned in disassembled condition. Reassembly may be charged.

**Engine will be sent back to the owner only after full cost payed

Rules for sending the engine for servicing:

  • Contact us prior you send the engine. Provide engine serial number (found on engine inlet) and description of the issue.
  • Always Deliver the engine with the logbook, ECU and fuel pump. Include also other engine system components if required for inspection.
  • Engine must be delivered without fuel. The fuel inlet port must be blanked off (e.g. with piece of fuel tube with melted and pressed end). Engine body must be packed in an airtight plastic bag. This is very important in order to have no problems with freight companies.
  • Use appropriate protective box. It is strongly recommended to send the engine in it’s original box. Which is specially designed for safe transport, minimizing the risk of damage during delivery.
  • Enclose filled service request form to the shipment.

Customer incurs the risks for bringing the goods to to Hybl Turbines s.r.o.

Overhaul cost

We want to have our service/overhaul prices transparent. You can reasonably well estimate standard overhaul cost from following table. Although the price may vary based on engine/components condition.

Our target is to perform the standard overhaul within 4 weeks* from receiving the engine until the engine is ready for shipping back to the Customer. In case we are not able to overhaul the engine within this period we cut the overhaul cost by 30%.

*delays due to customer responses are not included


H16/H20 basic overhaul cost
1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Life limited critical parts  life   price  .  . 50h 100h 150h 200h
Bearings + o-rings 50h € 120  € 120 € 120  € 120 € 120
Turbine wheel 200h € 340 € 340
 Material: € 120 € 120 € 120 € 460
 Labour:  € 250 € 250 € 250 € 250
Total H16BL2*: € 380 € 380 € 380 € 710

2022 Prices, without 21% VAT

* All costs for engine servicing EXCLUDE return postage and additional damaged parts.

Important: Orderly replacement of life limited critical parts (parts which failure leads to hazardous situation) is essential for your and others safety. Although the parts may seem perfect, the low cycle fatigue and creep gradualy degrades the highly stressed parts and increases risk of their failure.