H20PRO engine now available – Waiting for your great project!

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We are thrilled to announce our new H20PRO engine! We significantly redesigned the H16 flowpath and many more. This allowed us to increase thrust above 200N; however, for reduced operation time, the thrust can be increased even more. The engine has the same dimensions and weight as the H16 engine.

Brand new is also the control unit (ECU), which we developed together with our partners for our engine family. The ECU was designed to comply with industrial and UAV requirements but can also be used for RC models. The ECU has already demonstrated its capabilities and reliability on more than 100 engines in a very harsh industrial environment in the past year.

We are looking for interesting projects for the H20PRO engine. We can help you with engine integration and customization. We also have big experience in general aviation turbine engines, so we believe together we can develop an efficient and successful system.

Contact us (hybl.turbines @ seznam.cz) for orders and more information.